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… of everything – my showoff-page..

Over time, I have gotten experience from working many small freelance-jobs. This can be hard to portray on a CV, so here on this page, you will find information and products made by me. I state in my resume, that I am a do’er. If I don’t get asked to do something, I will surely still throw myself into any inspiration that catches my interest and ignites the fire within.

My path has led me through a wide variety of tasks.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business development
  • Webdesign
  • Graphic Design for web and print
  • Video-editing
  • Voice-over
  • And more…

In the bottom of this page, I will zoom in on a few projects, that has taken more time, effort and challenges. The first project I have zoomed in on, is about how I ended up in IT-management, before being accepted into the IT-management studies.

Logo Development

… Visual identity through graphic design


… Visual identity through graphic design


… Composing and editing videos

Voice-over, voice-editing, video-editing and composing. Made for the facebook page of altienshop.dk

Explainer video, script, storyboard, hiring a freelancer. Made for my own fiverr-gig: I will professionally develop a creative company name


… Developing a CRM cloud-platform and business

Leadify Journey

While I was working i Switzerland, as an investment consultant, I stumbled upon an opportunity to help a Norwegian company develop a CRM-system. It was one of my colleges, who had the contact. He asked if I could develop something like that for him, so I contacted an off-shore developer to help. We quickly produced a prototype, based on re-engineering from the interface of other CRM-systems.

The customer then went on to skip the deal, even without reviewing the prototype. Learning the first lesson in development – remember contracts before starting the work.

However, we had a pretty solid cloud CRM-platform prototype. So while attending the Entrepreneurial Festival 2015, Aalborg, I utilized my time and the event to do some customer-discovery. Asking the other attendees about their needs from a CRM-system. Loads of great feedback led to the implementation of a new feature. We added importing of files, for easy importing of clients and potential customers.

The plan was now to pivot into a business. Providing an online cloud CRM-platform, for entrepreneurs.

To launch the prototype and attract beta-testers, we created a campaign with print and merchandise, for attendees at Startup Weekend 2015. We achieved a few beta-testers, by offering the beta for free.

The project is now closed down, but I’ve learned a lot from the activities of running Leadify.

Activities I performed for the Leadify project:

  • Project management
  • Webdesign
  • Market Research
  • Customer discovery
  • Reverse engineering
  • Interface design
  • Offshoring
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Hiring freelancers