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The first phase in the process of innovation

Getting ideas is the first phase of innovation. Most ideas stops at being ideas for a split-second and then disappearing. Some of them may be good, some of them might be really bad. The good ideas are often lost to fear – fear of other people stealing them, fear of the unknown and fear of the idea turning out to be one of the bad ones.

As an innovative personality, I am driven by ideas. Sometimes ideas can be distracting, so to keep my focus, I write down the ideas. However, this still makes them worth nothing. What makes ideas worth anything is sharing them and developing them. To develop them you first have to share them… So this page is now where I go to write down new ideas.

Feel free to be inspired and feel free to contact my about any of them. Feedback (both positive and negative) are always welcome!

Idea Depository

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Descriptions of brainstormed ideas. Will be go through the following to explain each idea: inspiration, problem, solution and story.


Business model: Entrepreneurial Production (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)

Cheap and comfortable electric vehicles for elderly people.

Inspiration: Watching elderly people walk slowly towards anywhere they need to go.

Problem: Elderly people can’t get around faster than their agility allows.

Solution: A walker that doubles as an electric vehicle. Able to use it as a regular walker and then when the user gets tired – just sit… and go…


Business model: P2P (Uber, Airbnb)

People making food for people

Inspiration: How would someone disrupt a website like Just-eat.dk (Connecting people with food-businesses)?

Problem: People can only sell food to their close network.

Story: A colleague’s wife had a lunch-offering for the people on our office. She could easily produce even more than what our office could consume (even though very popular). She delivered different dishes each day of the week in disposable containers. Each week we could sign up for the next week’s published menu.

I believe this could be a great way for stay-at-home moms/dads to earn extra income.


Business model: P2P (Uber, Airbnb)

People making graphic design for people.

Inspiration: How could private people get graphic services and pay reasonable rates? People are asking for graphic design in many online communities and not reaching the right people.

Problem: Private people don’t have access to beautiful graphic design. Many people ask for free graphic design work on facebook, but talented people and professionals are not responding. People then end up having graphic design made by well-meaning amateurs or having to do it themselves. The results are graphic design of less than pleasurable quality.

Story: By using GRFX, private people and graphic designers can connect. Private people can create a job and graphic designers can respond. Different types of graphic design work can be attached different tags or groups. This way graphic designers can sort the jobs so their job-stream will match their skills. Making it possible for graphic designers to have set price-limits for what they want to see. The will be shown the amount of available graphic designers within their price-range when creating the jobs – this way they will have realistic expectations before creating their job.

I believe that an app/website like this will disrupt the market for graphic design. Private people will have much easier access to graphic design of high quality. The solution will be very attractive to entrepreneurs and startups as well – having a limited budget while needing graphic design as the visual face of their new business.


Business model: Crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)

People making loans for people.

Inspiration: How could bank loans be automated?

Problem: Banks can lend out money without finding the money first. This could lead to economic meltdown.

Solution: Find the investors before making a loan. This could be done with a P2P solution. People can invest with the amount of money they have. When a loan is fully invested, it will be start. Investors earn interest.

My Master-thesis explores this exact idea. Contact me to know more!

Grocer Backbag

Eco-friendly Grocery bag with backpack-straps.

Inspiration: A grocery bag with bike-attachments. How could the problem be solved without only being beneficial for bike-riders?


Wining idea of Startup Weekend 2014

Business model: Crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo)

Problem: How do you know if your event or concert will be a success? Event managers risk investing too much in an event that turns out with too few people attending.

Solution: Crowdfund events before realizing them, through a kickstarter-like website.

Story: An event-manager is wondering if he could attract enough crowd for a Daft Punk concert. The event-manager then researches available dates, venues and budget estimate. Now the event-manager creates the funding campaign at GigSpark and let’s people know about the Gig. If enough people fund the Gig, the event-manager can now realize the concert. The funders will get rewards depending on their contribution (example: a ticket for the concert or a t-shirt). If the project is not funded in time, the funders will get a refund and the event-manager can cancel the concert before suffering a big loss.

Video pitches

… Will be added in the near future, for some of the ideas.