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Most sub-trusts resulting from UPEs during the 2010 income year are due on June 30, 2018. However, some sub-trusts may be due during the 2017 income year, in which case the new Division 7A loan agreement between the sub-trust and the beneficiary of the business must be concluded before the due date for filing the beneficiary`s income tax return for 2017. The simplest way for the agent to avoid Division 7A treating the UPE as a dividend paid by the private corporation to the trust is through the payment of the UPE. If the agent fails to place the funds in a sub-trust for the exclusive benefit of the beneficiary of the private enterprise on the date indicated, we assume that the beneficiary of the private enterprise has granted the trust a loan equivalent to UPE. Division 7A may then consider that the private company has paid a dividend to the trustee of the trust. Ref: PCG 2017/13 – Division 7A – Current Unpaid Duties under Investment Agreements Due in Income Years 2017 or 2018 As of July 1, 2009, the EA Subdivision may claim payments and loans under a trust, from which a private company is entitled to unpaid income. Subdivision EB was set up to ensure that the operation of Subdivision EA cannot be circumvented by an entity between the trust making a payment or loan to a shareholder (or its partner) or between a trust and the private company that holds a current unpaid right to an amount of the trust`s net income, 1995, 1995. This will provide for an additional period for the amount to be repaid, with regular payments of principal and interest. If the term of Option 1 expires on June 30, 2018, a new Division 7A loan agreement for the UPE must be entered into between the sub-trust and the recipient of the business before the due date of the income tax return of the beneficiary of the business in 2018. In PSLA 2010/4, published at the same time as TR 2010/3, the ATO then outlines compliance mechanisms to prevent them from being treated as unepmented dividends in accordance with Division 7A. .