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For more information about interface agreements, including an interface agreement template and guide, see our interface agreement site. This factsheet has been specifically designed to help road managers understand their interface agreement requirements in accordance with the National Railway Safety Act. Interface agreements are required at all level crossings or at the road and play a central role in risk management at road-rail interfaces. An interface agreement is a formal written agreement between the competent road and/or rail operators. The format of the agreement may be defined by the parties, but must include the issues referred to in Section 105 of the NSR, such as.B. the responsibilities of the parties in implementing the measures and putting in place a procedure for monitoring them and ensuring that new risks are identified and minimised over time. A template is also available. The specific responsibilities of each are described in sections 106-108 of the NSNR. The National Railway Safety Act (RSNL) requires railway undertakings and road managers to coordinate actions on a rail or road crossing to ensure that safety risks are identified and minimised. They must be applied: penalties may be imposed on railway undertakings and road managers who, at a rail or road crossing, do not comply with their requirements.

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