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Please visit the Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission website for the most recent list of awards and agreements in force for the public sector in Western Australia. The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many difficult questions for local employers when it comes to managing risks for workers and the public. It has also created considerable challenges for local governments in reorganizing work to adapt to the resulting changes in local demand for services usually provided by local governments. A phone and email service is available to provide advice on employee relations, including company agreements, rewards, performance management, and employee dismissal. Help is also provided for the drafting of documents (letters, reports) to help HR, managers and superiors to effectively manage their staff. This amendment applies to small municipal employers who may remain in the national labour relations system. The VA government has amended local government regulations to allow local government employees laid off during the state of emergency to have better access to paid leave. This allows for some financial relief for local government employees, as they are not allowed to receive, through their employers, JobKeeper payments from the federal government. . .