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Once you have prepared the contents of the deed, print it on stamp paper of the desired value. The Licensor and licensee must then affix their signatures in the places provided for this purpose, as well as the signatures of two (2) witnesses. To create an online rental agreement for a city in Kerala, follow these steps – a licensee is not interested in the country and his property is purely free. A licence does not create a reduction or interest in the property to which it relates. As licensees, defendants clearly cannot claim the right to property. In the case of a license, although the occupation is with the licensee, control or possession of the property is with the licensor by such a licensee. The licensee`s activity, which is purely free according to the licensor, is legally obliged to restore the latter`s ownership when the licence is terminated. In any event, the licensor may request the licensee to evacuate the premises. The licensor has a legal right to exemption by order if an appeal is lodged within a reasonable time after the termination or withdrawal of the licence. § 60 Servitude Act defines authorizations that are not revocable. 60. License if retractable:- A license may be revoked by the supplier if it is not (a) related to a transfer of ownership and such transfer is in effect; (b) the licensee has carried out work of a permanent nature on behalf of the licence and performance costs have been incurred. The authorisation is irrevocable if the construction of a permanent character on the site has taken place with the agreement of the licensor and the licensee has encouraged costs for such construction.

This permanent construction must take place for the purpose of using the license. The licence agreement must enable the licensee to carry out such construction. The licensee`s unauthorized work does not entitle him to an irrevocable license. Therefore, if the license deed provides for the construction of a permanent structure and the licensee who spends money on it establishes a permanent structure for the enjoyment of the license, the license is an irrevocable license. . . .