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The exchange agreement with Jena is covered by LEP. TASSEP is the Trans-Atlantic Science Student Exchange Program, a consortium specifically designed to meet the curricular needs of science students. Canadian natural science students have access to a large number of European partners in the consortium. Surrounded by mountains and cut off from the hall, the university city of Jena has become one of the best economic centers in East Germany. The university itself has a population of about 19,000 students, which represents nearly 20% of the city`s total population. The University of Jena is currently one of the top 2% universities in the world (ranked #326 by the QS World 2019 rankings), which shows its growth as an emerging center of learning and innovation. The rent (about 200-350 € per month) is set at a period of 6 months. 30 per semester) study abroad to fulfill the Erasmus contract from you and get the support of the programme. You are autonomously responsible for the execution and organization of signatures.

5. Individual letter of admission from the partner university This PDF contains information on how to complete your application and what to do after the application. 8. Arrived at the host school and follow-up on site If you have any questions about this exchange program, you can meet the specific advisor for this program by booking an appointment via the link below. Appointments are currently on Zoom. International travel is a challenge that might not be found in on-campus courses. There may be a lack of resources, emergency services, hospitals, accessibility issues, and/or physical and mental self-demands that can challenge all individuals if they move away from their usual support systems and structures. Proper preparation is essential. The Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena (1548), one of the 20 oldest universities in Germany, is located in the heart of Jena, in central Germany, between Frankfurt and Dresden. Please get to the AAA/IO on time and get advice.

We will be happy to help you. The administrative application procedure is just a little work and anyone can do it. The following information is a compilation, not a collation. If any ambiguity is unreased, please contact the AAA/IO. First of all, you need to inquire about the partner university, the on-site administrative application procedure, language requirements and eligible courses. There are sometimes online application portals, but also traditional application forms and requirements and dates vary from university to university. Go to the ERASMUS+ websites of the future host school where you will find the procedures and dates. Please, please, inform yourself in time. Unfortunately, there are regular changes on the part of the partner universities that must be taken into consideration. In the table of ERASMUS+ partner universities on the intranet, you will find even more information and e-mail addresses of the interlocutors.

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