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“This appeal requires us to decide whether, in this case, AmFlex`s delivery drivers fall within the scope of the exception,” the Court of Appeal wrote. “Given that we conclude that they do and therefore their employment contracts are not subject to the FAA, we consider and reject Amazon`s subsequent arguments that there is nevertheless a valid and binding arbitration agreement between the parties.” AmFlex allows individuals to make deliveries from Amazon with their own vehicles (or, as the decision indicates, by bike or on foot if feasible). When reviewing the work obligations of AmFlex drivers, the Court of Appeal found that drivers could sometimes cross national borders, but rarely did. However, that fact was not relevant to the Tribunal`s decision. Miller`s wife has a full-time job with social benefits, so her flex income is useful for paying her family`s credit card bills. But “if I tried to do it alone as a single guy, it would be hard to do it,” he said. Its cost could indeed be lower than what most drivers spend: the standard mileage rate for using a car for commercial purposes is 54.5 cents per mile in 2018, according to the IRS. I tried to move quickly so as not to leave my car unattended for very long, but after going through the building in circles, I reappeared on Ellis Street and met a park agent who wanted to write me a ticket. I explained my difficulty: that I delivered for Amazon, but there was no place to park, because I didn`t have commercial records. What should I do? My only way, because I was driving a personal car, he says, was to park in a garage or deliver the packages at night. But a lot of people take the risk and park illegally in meters, he told me – the number of parking quotes exposed in the first three months of the year for people illegally parked on red and yellow meters has increased by 29 percent since 2016, according to data the city has provided to me.

I finally convinced him not to give me a ticket that would have cost $110 and erased my income for the day, but even when he left, he warned me that another officer might soon pass by and would not hesitate to write me one. Later, when I returned to the camp, I met a few flex drivers who had two people in the car, probably so that one could drive and monitor the traffic officers, while the other jumped to deliver packages. Efforts are being made to make some of the people who drive for Flex collaborators and not independent contractors, a step that proponents say could go a long way to improving the quality of these jobs. The complaint filed by Liss-Riordan in Washington state, for example, argues that flex drivers are employees and not independent contractors because they receive unpaid training on how they can interact with customers and manage deliveries, they must follow Amazon`s instructions on where they need to make deliveries, and they can be terminated if they don`t follow the company`s guidelines…