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Do you need help interpreting the legal effect of compensation and what it might mean to you? Instead of agreeing to one party that compensates the other, compensation could be agreed to go both ways: mutual compensation. 7. Compensation — For use in material transfer agreements – University reception. Information on compensation and other issues in this context can be found in our hardware transfer agreement checklist. 6. Compensation — For use in equipment transfer contracts, university transfer. 13.1 Both parties agree that the party receiving such notification immediately notifies the other party if it receives a statement or recourse or action under the activities described in Schedule A. Sponsor undertakes to provide, at its own expense, lawyers to oppose any action against the institution, the system, their regents, officers, agents and/or collaborators regarding the purpose of the compensation contained in it, whether such claims or actions are legally invoked or filed, and subject to the legal obligation of the Attorney General of Texas, the institution undertakes to cooperate with the promoter in the defence of such claims or actions. [This is mutual compensation for the negligence of each party and also provides that the promoter compensates the university for the use of the study results. It can only be used if the university protocol or procedure is used.

The second paragraph (sponsor compensation) can be used independently if the sponsor does not ask us for compensation. If the sponsor provides medicines, materials, etc., the liability allowance may be more appropriate. With a few minor changes, the first paragraph can be “reflected” to create an inter-institutional allowance (for example. B on the component) or the state university. ] (d) Article 20 was not a single-use exclusion clause in which a party, in a stronger bargaining position, only wanted to exclude liability for its own offence. In this case, the parties were also economically strong.