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Without prejudice to FUND`s right to require the prepayment of debt securities in the events mentioned below, FUND reserves the right to accept or reject any claim for early repayment of the company`s or part of the debt securities. Before subscribing to the above obligations, FUND must provide a certificate from its factor controllers certifying that the company is not in late payment with a financial institution or bank. (a) The bonds would, if applicable, be cashed in _________equal monthly payments of Rs.______________________/- from the end of the month – the date of the first payment of the funds by FUND for the underwriting of the debt securities; Unlike a Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE), a convertible loan established under a convertible bond contract is remunerated, has a maturity date and sets a minimum amount of funds to be obtained for equity financing. To raise funds by issuing convertible bonds, it is possible to use either a convertible note subscription agreement or a convertible note instrument. If a company subscribes to one (or very little) investor for the note, a conversion note subscription agreement can be used. Fund subscribes to the bonds in accordance with all the conditions of sanction and execution of this agreement and other relevant documents, such as receivables, personal guarantee and seizure of shares, depending on FUND`s resource position. Until the bonds are deposited or paid, the company must pay the full interest fund on the bonds – (__________f_______________________ ____________________der debt securities or part of them and/or the payment of a tranche of interest on the bonds by the company in interest fund funds of an amount equal to `