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Potential candidates are strongly encouraged to maximize the impact of CRA funding by securing commitments for additional financial contributions from a wide range of sources, including national/territorial governments, venture capital firms, business investors and similar organizations. Australian and international industrial partners and industrial investors can provide material resources to an arc centre of excellence and should also make cash contributions. These funding rules mean “applicants” who enter their names as participants on the CRA Centre of Excellence application form, unless there is a qualified reference to another CRA support program. E8.2.4 With regard to a written agreement under E8.2.1d, the agreement should apply to the international facility specific to the review and negotiations on the agreement should be initiated pending the presentation of the proposal. Even if they are associated with CRA Centres of Excellence, Federation Fellows salaries must be covered by the Federation Fellowship program and not by the Centre`s funding. Funding for interconnection grants cannot be funded from the Centre`s planned envelope or from the resources proposed as a matching component in other Commonwealth funding applications, including CRA Centres of Excellence. A12.3.3 In addition to the exceptions listed in A12.3.1, the CRA may publish and notify offers or grants, including the following information on the proposed project: ARC centres, ARC Specialized Research Centres, Research Fellowships and Linkage Research Project Scholarships (excluding the scholarships outlined above) in areas that would be duplicated or could reasonably be duplicated under the CRA Centre of Excellence research program: applications may be withdrawn but cannot be amended after submission. App additions, deletions and changes will not be accepted after submission. Applicants should notify the CRA as soon as possible of substantial changes to the information contained in an application, such as the outcome of a request for assistance.B. Applications received after the deadline are not accepted.

A12.3.4 When publishing information on an approved proposal for funding, the CRA may use a description of the project, including the title and summary, which may be different from that provided in the proposal.