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License for programs: subject to terms and conditions, you have the right to broadcast and/or download reflection and/or download programs (if proposed) for personal entertainment purposes: (i) the programs you have rented during the specified rental period; (ii) the programs you have acquired; and (iii) programs made available within a channel to which you subscribe during your subscription period. Deleted Accounts: Vimeo allows users to delete their accounts at any time (unlike other services). In fact, if you have an inactive account for six months, Vimeo might just delete it for you. Vimeo can also delete its account if you don`t follow the rules above. And if your account is deleted, all your videos are deleted with it, and Vimeo is not responsible for the loss of your content. Contact us: If you have any assistance questions, please contact us at the ottsupport@vimeo.com. You must send us all legal notifications to: This section 10 contains a binding arbitration agreement between you and Vimeo (the “arbitration agreement”). In this arbitration agreement, you agree: you can terminate the contract at any time by deleting your account. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate your account because of your breach of conditions. If Vimeo deletes your account due to injury, you cannot re-register.

In the event of termination or expiry of the agreement, the following sections remain: Section 7 (disclaimer), section 8 (limitation of liability), section 9 (compensation), section 10 (arbitration agreement); renunciation of the jury; Non-collective actions) and section 11 (General Provisions). Vimeo OTT Service: Subject to terms and conditions, Vimeo gives you permission to use the Vimeo OTT service only for displaying programs for your personal entertainment. All rights that Vimeo does not expressly grant are reserved. For the average Internet user, the Web has only two video hosting services that are worth using. The first, of course, is YouTube. The second is Vimeo, the older cousin of YouTube (yes, older), more beautiful but less popular. Vimeo, the video player of choice for many independent filmmakers, announced earlier this month that it would now offer users of full evening movies via its new à la carte service. Six films are now available and more are expected to be released in 2013. So what do you accept if you use Vimeo? Let`s take a look. Force majeure: neither Vimeo nor any manufacturer is responsible for a breach or delay in the performance of its obligations under this agreement, resulting from circumstances beyond its proper control or that are directly or indirectly caused, including, but not exclusively, by the actions of God; natural disasters; Wars; civilian or military disruptions; Sabotage Strikes; Epidemics riots; Power outages Computer failure Loss or malfunction of procurement, transportation, computers (materials or software) or telephone communications; Accidents labour disputes, civil or military acts; Government actions; or inability to obtain work, equipment, equipment or transportation.