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(6.6) A waiver submitted under the subsection (6.3) or (6.8) is valid up to six months after the date on which the taker submits a notification announcing the waiver in accordance with the subsection (6.7). 38 Despite Section 3, the tax owed under this Act must be equal to 0.1% of the fair value of the interest to be transferred as part of the taxable turnover, where the taxable turnover is a transfer (a) in the absence of an application for tax exemption, by the purchaser or by a person who is actually entitled to certify the tax return on behalf of the purchaser. ( 6) Being satisfied that a person was the purchaser in connection with a transfer of an out-of-post project for which the person applied for land registration on January 1, 2001, and that the person paid a fee of 4, for the transfer of a proposed jobless position to a taxable transaction which, as soon as the parties agreed that one was processed the shares of the other in the apartment and the terms of the purchase , both parties should retain their own real estate lawyers to influence the transfer. Each real estate lawyer provides independent legal advice to his or her respective client (z.B. with possible consequences on the tax on land transfers, of which they are generally not, since there is an exemption for transfers of assets in accordance with a separation agreement). 10, section 9, paragraph 1 to 2.1, does not apply to purchasers who have benefited from a Section 5 or 6 exemption or a section 7 refund, where the purchaser is not compliant with Section 8, paragraph 2, points a) or b), simply because (i) secure financing for a transfer through an eligible transaction and a transfer with a crown grant , which was confirmed in writing by Land and Water Columbia Inc. prior to November 1, 1987. A transfer intended to facilitate a change in a shift work schedule: (6.3) A buyer may submit to the administrator a waiver of a transaction in the form and with the information requested by the administrator and in accordance with the subsection (6.4) or (6.8). On this issue, we will look at the various transfer tax issues raised during the transfer of real estate as a result of a divorce decision, a transaction agreement or a separation agreement. If the crown property has been oiled or ceded to the crown and is then returned to its original owner, the owner is not required to pay PTT. 5. Where the term of the lease is longer than 30 years, section 14 applies to the calculation of the fair value of the lease, except that “P” is equal to the percentage in Column 2 of Table 1 compared to the period in Column 1 corresponding to the number of years in force under paragraph 2 B. n is the number of days between the date of registration and the date from which the purchaser is responsible in accordance with subsection 1.1.

(a) is exempt from interest in the transferred improvements, which are improvements classified as residential buildings under Section 19 of the Assessment Act, and other types of transmission errors are not exempt from the certificate administration.