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PECO will review your login request to ensure it is met: you must apply for a solar connection to connect your panels to the CEE network. This application ensures that the technical, contractual, tariff and measurement requirements between the system owner and CEE are established in advance. There are registration fees that vary depending on the size of your facility. As a general rule, distributed production facilities certified by state-recognized test laboratories that meet certain standards of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Underwriter Laboratory and the National Electricity Code may be eligible for interconnection as part of an expedited verification process at Levels 1 -3. Please refer to the Pennsylvania Public Utility Code – Title 52, Chapter 75 (Alternatives Energy Portfolio Standards) for specific skill requirements (screens) for each level of connection. For large generators with a power of more than 50 kW, you will find under PECoes the “Gray Book” connection requirements for parallel productions of more than 50 kW (pdf) for generator connection guidelines to the PECO distribution system. The final step in the interconnection process is the CEEP “certification” form, which the applicant must sign, and the inspection of the interconnection system wiring by an electrical insurer. A deposit fee is levied for each login request filed. Applications received by CEE without payment are not subject to the interconnection process for review by CEE.

We no longer accept applications by email. Please call us the APPLY NOW button below. Or you can visit peco.connectthegrid.com/#/login/ to register and submit your applications electronically. You wouldn`t buy a car without comparing a few options beforehand. Solar is not supposed to be the same? PECO will provide a loan of up to $400 to offset the cost of installing the second meter required for the net measurement. To qualify, you must provide a copy of the installation invoice for the second meter card and send a written request to PECO within 6 months of the final acceptance of the interconnection agreement by PECO. If, by the end of the billing period, you have produced more energy than you have consumed, the excess credits will go to your next bill. When the measurement year ends on May 31, PECO will pay you for this year`s excess kilowatt hours. There is no limit to how much more electricity ISC will buy.

As a result, you can use your solar credits to supplement your energy needs and save money throughout the year, and you will also receive extra money on May 31 if you have produced more electricity than you have consumed. If your solar system generates more electricity than you consumed in a year, you may have excess net meter credits by the end of the year. PECO will purchase this surplus generation every May 31 from customers. The rate paid by CEE is based on the average production prices of the last 12 months for your course class. There is no limit to the amount of excess generation that will buy CEE. If you are considering the possibility of connecting a solar system to the CEE electrical distribution system, you must meet certain requirements before moving forward.