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In divorce proceedings in Montgomery County, any party can obtain support from the other party by agreement or court order. A limited divorce is a separation. You are technically married if you have a “limited divorce.” Most of the time, people get a limited divorce if they are not allowed to get an absolute divorce. There are cases where people want a divorce, but still want to benefit from certain benefits that are only available to married people. For example, your spouse may be busy and your health insurance through your spouse`s employer can only cost a few hundred dollars a month. If the same health insurance cost much more money on the open market, you may feel encouraged to opt for a limited divorce instead of an absolute divorce, as you would remain eligible after a limited divorce. Maryland`s collaborative project provides ways to resolve family disputes in court. Topics include: child custody, child custody, divorce (even if you have not been separated for a year), the dissolution of long-term partnerships and changes to previous custody of children and exclusionary decisions or agreements. In the event of a divorce in Montgomery County with a child with whom they are associated, parents are welcome to establish their own parenting plan, which includes custody rules, a visitation plan and a joint note of parental rights and debts between the parties. If the parents do not reach an agreement, the court will intervene to resolve these issues. Thinking about divorce or separation? I`ve been a divorce lawyer in Montgomery County, Maryland, for over 29 years. The most valuable advice I can give you is PLAN for your separation and PLAN for your divorce. To plan your divorce or separation, you need to research and learn what the rules are, and then set goals for your separation and divorce.

Since I have been a divorce lawyer for more than 29 years in Montgomery County, Maryland, I know the courts and the judge, and I can help you prepare for your separation and divorce by helping you achieve reasonable goals and a PLAN. I try to give you the personal attention you need and deserve to make important decisions related to divorce or separation. If you and your partner are having difficulties in your marriage, but you are not ready to divorce, you know there are other options. At Andalman and Flynn, our Montgomery County Divorce Lawyers also focus on the right to disconnect and have the legal knowledge you need to ensure that your interests are protected if you choose this route. We have specific experience in negotiating and developing separation agreements to deal with and resolve issues related to the division of marital property, including: in the event of divorce, it is almost inevitable that you and your spouse will have disagreements over how to distribute the assets. As a divorce lawyer, I will advocate for a favourable division of marital qualities in order to support your situation. I will plead with you for your share of marital property, including, but not limited, to houses, cars, bank accounts and pension accounts. Whether you are looking for separation due to irreconcilable differences, adultery, domestic violence or some other type of conflict, divorce is sometimes necessary to improve the quality of life in your life. Hiring the appropriate divorce attorneys in Montgomery County, MD is essential to ensure that you have the freedom and financial independence you deserve as you begin this new chapter in your life.

Can I apply for a separation in Montgomery County, Maryland? Maryland Family Law recognizes a separation of rights procedure as an alternative to the dissolution of marriage.