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It shows that the 2021 development agreement only has to define the structure of the revenue allocation and the process to be followed if the regulations were to be substantially modified during the duration of the agreement. This means that no Concorde agreement – under any name – is necessary to race in 2021: the technical, sports and financial rules have been published in accordance with the ISC. The Concorde agreement is a contract between the International Automobile Federation (FIA), the Formula 1 teams and the Formula 1 group, which imposes the conditions under which the teams participate in the races and the sharing of television revenues and price. There were indeed eight separate agreements, all top secret: the first in 1981, the other in 1987, 1992, 1997, 1998, 2009, 2013 and the current agreement for 2021. However, the secret was broken by the famous race journalist Forrest Bond when the publication of the 120 page 1997 Concorde Agreement by RaceFax in late 2005. [1] The agreement was created to contain these two manufacturers and prevent manufacturers who now use turbo engines from fleeing with the championship, but since then it has been the most important method to anchor the rules used by the FIA to regulate Formula 1, as well as the financial relations between the teams and the promoter. F1 was “at a good point” with Concorde pre-Covid, says WilliamsBasement to our discussions with the FIA, the F1 commercial rights holders and the teams at both ends of the current performance range, it looks F1 in 2021 with a commercial agreement between the teams collectively and the CRH describes the commercial conditions. Disagreements between the two organizations, known as fiSA-FOCA, led to the cancellation of several races. Goodyear threatened to withdraw completely from Formula 1, an event that would have been commercially disastrous for the sport, and ecclestone organized a meeting of team leaders, Balestre and other FISA representatives in the FIA offices, Place de la Concorde, Paris, France. On 19 January 1981, all parties present signed, after thirteen hours of negotiations, the first Concorde agreement, named after the Paris Square where the talks were held.

The current agreements – which consist of 11 documents, namely 10 bilateral agreements and the CIA – expire at the end of the year and the renewal process was expected to be sorted by June 30.