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“Oh, of course, of course,” she said, seemed unchanged, but with her shoulders fading and golden eyes faded discouraged, it was clear that she was disappointed. Entertainment Weekly`s Simon Vozick-Levinson praised Rich`s vocal interpretation and Rich`s “complex, varied and infallibly catchy instrumental pieces” for obscuring the “occasional failures in generic posturage” throughout the lyrics. [6] Jonathan Ringen of Rolling Stone noticed that the record follows the Young Jeezy model (“a hypnotic flow, live details, synthesized beats”), but with a more varied list of subjects. He also paid tribute to Polow`s staging and called “Boy Looka Here” a “threatening banger.” [11] Pitchfork contributor Tom Breihan said: “The impressive and effective production of the album is part of the recent tradition of epic and monolithic Southern rap albums like Young Bucke Straight Outta Ca`hville and Young Jeezy`s Let`s Get It: Thug Motivation 101, but more than these albums, it`s the work of a particular creative spirit. Polow [da Don] is finding his voice, and he has a great career ahead of him. If Rich Boy`s lucky, he stays with us. [8] The three of us were sitting in my room, her on the bed, while I sat on the window with a pillow under me. Andy Kellman of AllMusic praised Rich`s unique vocalization and production and highlighted Brian Kidd`s contribution to “Get to Poppin,” but concluded that the album was becoming rarer with stagnant rhythms and “uninspired variations of generalized materialism, so effective on “Throw Some D`s.” [5] Steve `Flash` Juon of RapReviews criticized Richs as a “monotonous brawl with too thick an accent” and staged Polov with a “night and day” bumps throughout the record. [10] PopMatters contributor Gentry Boeckel felt that Polow and Brian Rich were eclipsing Rich throughout the album with their contributions, instead of helping him create a unique image, and he came to the conclusion: “Both as an artist and as a persona, Rich Boy lives up to his name, with the best that can be said of him. is that it has a certain one.

rich-fast innocence has a certain naïve hunger to succeed. Too bad success depends so much on its employees. [9] Reptilia von AbsolutePunk also criticized Rich`s lyricism, which ruined Polov`s catchy rhythms, and concluded that “too much rich boy style plays the same gangsta stereotypes and doesn`t really do anything to dissociate his flow and lack of deep rhyme or at least interesting to anyone in the modern rap scene.”