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Kim Alexander Jensen

  Welcome to my online CV. I am an innovative IT Management graduate with an entrepreneurial mind. Here you will find:

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Kim Alexander Jensen

Welcome to my Online CV!

Thank you for your time and interest.

Here you will find info about me, my competencies, past work experience and education.

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Master of Science in IT-management. This means I know how to find and transform business needs through digital solutions. Keywords: BPM, BPR, Processinnovation, Contextual Design, Prototyping, Customer Discovery, Lean, Project Management.


I have had the interest to develop businesses for many years. This led me down the road of entrepreneurship, of where I found my passion: Developing businesses by utilizing modern technology and digital media. Experiences included: freelance work, leading offshore freelancers & IT-development. One of my favorite entrepreneurial experiences was winning Startup Weekend 2014 with my team.



I have solid experience working as a salesman. Commission-based salary does not scare me – I am motivated by being rewarded for results.
I have a bachelor in Business Communication, which has provided me with a wide range of tools for effective communication.
My knowledge combined with my real-life experience makes me a strong candidate for any job that requires people-skills and effective communication.

Graphic- and Webdesign

Started playing around with Photoshop at the age of 12 and have continued and developed my interest for creating what is in my mind. This combined with my interest for entrepreneurship led to a few years of running Aalborg Grafik, which provided graphic design and other communication products for customers locally and abroad.

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